Velocity Checks

Velocity checks can significantly help in preventing occurrences of possible risk and mitigates the risk of jeopardizing your processing by a single customer. GPN DATA helps in setting effective transaction limits and blocks outstanding transactions automatically. Limits are set by card, customer profiles, days, weeks, months, volume and transaction quantity, with all variations possible.

Prevent Fraudulent Activities

When it comes to setting transaction limits GPN DATA will take into account the total amount spent, ticket sizes and other various criteria in order to find the best possible solution for both merchants and their customers.

By enabling such features, merchants are able to prevent instances of fraud due to abnormal buying behavior.

Individual Limits

GPN DATA offers merchants the possibility to set individual transaction limits.

Time Based Limits

  • Daily Transaction Limits
  • Weekly Transaction Limits
  • Monthly Transaction Limits

Other Limits

  • Limit the number of transaction
  • Limit specific card types
  • Customer profile limits (see customer profile)

Amount Limits

  • Maximum amount per card
  • High Tickets might require additional authorization
  • Minimum amount per card
  • Total Amount per card

GPN DATA offers the possibility to Blacklist or Whitelist customers. Whitelisted customers may receive additional payment options such as the ability to pay tickets with a higher value and/or multiple daily transaction, depending on what the customer needs.

Customizable Risk Rules

Customize risk rules to your preference and start accepting credit cards, including high value tickets, promptly, securely and without the overwhelming hassle.

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GPN Data is an ecommerce PSP, connected to multiple banks in locations throughout the world. Thanks to our international structure we offer easy onboarding procedures for merchants located in the US, Canada and other countries.