Transaction Fingerprinting

Every transaction leaves a hash value generated by a combination of various input values and a highly complex mathematical function launched in response to every initiated transaction.

If the digital fingerprint matches the one submitted within the first transaction, the authenticity will be verified and the transaction will be approved, on the other hand, more than slight alternations to the transaction data will result in failed authentication and ultimately a failed transaction.

Customer Profile

First time transactions generate a customer profile in our system in order to verify future transactions. Usually the following information is assembled:
  • NAME

Weighted Fields

Significance of the variables is modifiable, but traditionally customers surname has a higher significance than a phone number, as the latter is prone to change over time.

Card Blocking

Depending on the discrepancies of the information provided, customers can be blocked on the gateway level, which means that the transaction will not be submitted to the bank. High discrepancies may lead to a temporary customer profile block, till an explanation is provided.


GPN DATA will help merchants prioritize customer information by adjusting the scope of verification, field weights and is also able to change the allowed data similarity between two fields. 24/7 tech support provides an immediate fix for typos and mismatches.

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