Authorization and Capture

GPN DATA has a unique solution to improve your transaction security, process your business more smoothly and support you in the fight against potential chargebacks. Separate auth and capture is one of many counter risk measures created to lower down number of disputes and prevent losses.

How does it work?

A standard credit card transaction is authorized the moment customer provides his card information to the payment infrastructure, but it is not settled immediately. It is settled with the first batch, that acquirer pushes at time earlier scheduled with card organization (normally once per week). GPN DATA gives you the ability to authorize the payment and postpone capture up to 7 days.

The additional time can be used to render the service or sign any document securing your position in a dispute. Once you know, you will be able to charge your customer, you can focus on delivering the best service possible.

Capture Options

Following the authorization procedure, GPN DATA provides a variety of ways to process or capture the payment.

  1. Auto Capture done at a specified time (no later than 168 hours following authorization, remedy for buyers' remorse).
  2. Manual Capturing done when you specify.
  3. Capture done with approval of our Risk Management staff following customer providing additional documentation to confirm their identity and ensure authenticity in order to protect you against potential chargebacks.
  4. Shipping Related Capture for tangible goods done following shipping and/or delivery confirmation of the goods purchased. For rebills the capture is automatically done the moment delivery is confirmed. This delivery confirmation is available for goods shipped with USPS, FEDex, DHL and UPS.

Best Practice

Most often approach is to apply this method for continuity accounts and for high tickets. If documents authenticating transaction are delivered in 7 days, you can accept high tickets, even if the ratio transaction size to monthly volume is not preserved.

Electronic Payments Confirmations

No matter which option you choose automatic email notifications are sent directly to your customers containing information on the purchased product, transaction details and your and our call center contact information. The complete and differentiated information can be sent during both authorization and capture.

Save Money, Save Time

Authorize the transaction before providing the service and focus on paying customers!

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