Risk Management

One of the key points of interest for every business, regardless of its branch, location or experience is to reduce all risk factors and associated, potential financial losses to the lowest possible level. This is why we are pushing the security to the limits using our experienced staff to use every available tool to protect your business from fraudulent behaviors.

Customizable Rules

Proactive risk management is our strategic approach. By combining our teams experience with requests from our clients, GPN DATA Sp. z o.o.develops customized risk rules based on the needs of each merchant. Rules are established based on observed patterns of behavior and serve as a means to protect merchants from fraudulent transactions.

Velocity checks

We consider velocity checks to be a key to minimizing fraud and protecting merchants. We are analyzing results and dynamically setting transaction frequency and card usage limits during a specific period of time. By enabling such features, a merchant is able to avoid instances of fraud due to abnormal buying behaviors.

Fraud Screening

Many fraudulent activities are discovered by manually screening transactions. An experienced Fraud Expert will look for any suspicious transaction. Such activity includes multiple transactions made by a single customer within short period of time, general volume peaks where they should not be or just generally speaking - behavior which is not regular and not fitting usual patterns.

White and Black Lists

White list customers (after submitting personal due diligence documents) may receive additional payment options such as the ability to pay tickets with a higher value and/or multiple daily transaction, depending on what the customer needs.

Black list control avoids the presence of fraudsters in the system and reduces the chances of having the same cardholder initiating more than one dispute. Cards can be blacklisted based on several reasons, such as:

  • Transaction was originated from a country marked as risky
  • Card was reported as lost or stolen
  • Customer reported chargeback(s)

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