Alternative Payments

Enrich your payment bouquet with alternative payment methods available through GPN DATA API.

A statistical online shop has more than 5 payment methods available

More choices at checkout increase the change your customer finds a suitable payment method. Multi-currency, cross-border and domestic options GPN DATA enables will give your customer the choice he looks forward to see.

59% clients choose alternative payments

in 2017 59% of clients chose alternative payments over traditional credit card charge. Majority of the cosumers choose wallets, instant transfers and increasingly common Bitcoins. GPN DATA instantly brings to your electronic door the whole bouquet.

Alternative payments are on the rise

In the last 5 years, the number of people choosing alternative methods at checkout in the first place increased bt 16%, making this category the most popular across the world.

Give your clients the choice they appreciate

- Over 25 alternative payments under one roof

- Regional EU and Australian solutions as well as global

- Increased conversion rate at checkout

  63% of customers abandon their cart, when the shop does not offer a suitable payment method.

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