Virtual Terminal / MoTo

Virtual terminals are a great way for businesses to take payments over the phone, without the need for a separate phone line or any special equipment.

Caution: This option is currently not available to new applicants without verifiable processing history.

Broad Usage of GPN DATA Processing Tools

A wide range of businesses use virtual credit card terminals including mobile businesses, those that solely deal with phone or mail orders in addition to those that process card payments at various live events.

It Cuts Both Ways

Virtual Terminal is perfect for businesses which dont deal with large volumes of payments. The higher the volume or average ticket size is, the bigger pressure to process in a regular eCommercial way, with CVV, 3DS and remaining security measures enabled. While processing transactions through VT, merchant position in a dispute is considerably weakened.

Ease of Configuration

The merchant selects Users from their organization that will have access to the MOTO screen where they can enter cardholder data and process the transaction. For approved MOTO Merchants, GPN DATA provides a virtual terminal desktop, where no integration is required.

Virtual Terminal Desktop

VT Desktop summary:
  • Provides ability to accept credit cards from a mailed or called in payment at a reasonable cost
  • No integration is required
  • Includes fraud-free prevention tools
  • No complex software to install
  • 24/7 online support
  • Separate authorization capture possible

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