GPN DATA Payment Page

For those in need of quick and uncomplicated integration, GPN DATA offers the GPN DATA Payment Page where a cardholder can be redirected from the Merchants website to complete transactions.

Real Time Input Validation

GPN DATA Payment Page validates users input in real time to increase customers satisfaction and limit declines. Next to normal checks (validity of email, name and street), credit card numbers are validated with the Luhn algorithm to eliminate part of the typos that could prevent a successful charge.

Simplicity and Comfort

Compliance with the PCI standards is easier than ever before. Integration with the GPN DATA Payment Page is simple and intuitive. We can customize the look and feel of the Payment Page in order to blend in with your own website. The GPN DATA Payment Page offers a full set of charge options (straight transaction, separate auth and capture).

Automatic Notifications

You are regularly updated on the status of your transactions. The Payment gateway will send feedback regarding every transaction (accepted or declined). We notify you via asynchronous notifications, so you dont need to even refresh the website. For all additional information about the GPN DATA integration options please contact one of our Sales representatives.

Merchant Benefits

Compliance with PCI standards is easier than ever before. Customize the Payment Page to match the look of your website and let us handle data security on your behalf.

Integration Options for PCI Certified Merchants

Do you already have PCI DSS certificate? If you want your clients to make payments without leaving your secure website, we will deliver a simple, intuitive API to your IT department. Please contact our representative.

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For all additional information about the GPN DATA integration options please contact our sales representatives

The Right Choice

GPN Data is an ecommerce PSP, connected to multiple banks in locations throughout the world. Thanks to our international structure we offer easy onboarding procedures for merchants located in the US, Canada and other countries.