Fraud Prevention

Reduce risk factors to their lowest possible level.

In the Card Not Present environment risk prevention equals loss prevention. Utilization of proper tools and procedures, will maximize your revenue in the long run. Next to a wide array of risk mitigation tools, presented below, we provide a team of risk mitigation professionals at your service.

GPN DATA combines various measures in order to secure traffic including an address verification system, customizable risk rules, and transaction fingerprinting.

Nevertheless, in addition to all these systems one of our experienced Fraud Experts is always taking a closer look at any transaction that might seem suspicious, constantly eliminating possible problems before they start to influence your performance. Although we have years of experience and won thousands of cases, we are open for your professional ideas and input.

For the different security measures applicable for our merchants solution please see the list below.

Ethoca, Verifi, Maxmind

GPN DATA is fully integrated with Ethoca and Verifi. This allows us to receive early alerts to spot potential chargebacks in time and issue an early refund.

MaxMind is utilized to receive detailed, in depth information about the customer and match it with information provided during check out.

3D Secure

Another key risk countermeasure is 3D Secure, an efficient method for merchants to fight fraud and is even a required security measure set by some card scheme regional offices. It serves to protect merchants, as customers will not be able to claim fraudulent use of their cards because of the authentication token provided through an independent channel (SMS, password list), which ultimately protects the customer from fraud.

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White and Black Lists

White list customers (after submitting personal due diligence documents) may receive additional payment options such as the ability to pay tickets with a higher value and/or multiple daily transaction, depending on what the customer needs.

Black list control avoids the presence of fraudsters in the system and reduces the chances of having the same cardholder initiating more than one dispute. Cards can be blacklisted based on several reasons, such as:

  • Transaction originating from high risk area
  • Card was reported as lost or stolen
  • Customer reported chargeback(s)

Velocity Control

We consider velocity checks to be a key activity in minimizing fraud and protecting merchants. GPN DATA is constantly analyzing results, dynamically setting transaction frequency limits and monitoring card usage during specific periods of time, to catch irregular cardholder behavior.

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Transaction Fingerprinting

A hash value generated by a combination of various input values and a highly complex mathematical function will be sent with the transaction in order to authenticate that the communication between all the parties involved has not been in any way intercepted or modified.

If the digital fingerprint matches the one submitted the authenticity will be verified and the transaction will be approved.

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Customizable Rules

Proactive risk management is our strategic approach. By combining our teams experience with the requests from our clients, GPN DATA develops customized risk rules based on the needs of each merchant with the aim of guaranteeing their safety. Rules are established based on observed behavior patterns and act as a mechanism to protect merchants from fraudulent transactions.

PCI-DSS Compliant

At the forefront of our multi-phase security standard is maintaining the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard certificate.

GPN DATA undergoes periodic audits of our processes and methodology used when processing sensitive data. The latest intrusion prevention tools are kept up to date.

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Thomson Reuters World-Check

A comprehensive solution for assessing, managing and mitigating risk. World check monitors sanction, watch and regulatory law and enforcement lists. The tools it provides allow for an accelerated due diligence process and a dramatic reduction in false positives. It greatly enhances the tools available and identifies potential financial, regulatory and reputation risks allowing GPN DATA to better protect our banks, merchants and partners.

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