Chargeback Handling Support

GPN DATA risk management does not end with an approved transaction. Rapid and effective post-transaction dispute action prevents loses and saves MIDs. We build a strategy based on the specific needs of your industry, chargeback codes and years of careful observation of countless disputes.

Available with Every Plan

Professional consultations are provided for every merchant to ensure flawless communication and workflow. Once the account is live, bank partners receive standardized re-presentment materials, reviewed and boosted by GPN DATA risk department.

Constant Monitoring

Our experienced Risk Management team is regularly monitoring transactions and paying close attention to irregularities and unusual patterns in cardholders behavior. You will receive their full support.

Competitive Advantage

Follow the most up-to-date card schemes recommendations. Our win ratio exceeds the average success ratio. Chargeback handling support is one of the competitive advantages you can benefit from.

Proper Re-presentment

The impact of effective re-presentment goes beyond simply wins and losses. It influences your liquidity and reputation within the online payment community. When properly handled, effective re-presentment helps your keep more of your hard earned revenue and puts you in a better negotiating position.

Following the Best Practices

To make sure effectiveness is achieved, GPN DATA GROUP implements the following:

  • Tracking all changes on the Dispute Rules made by the Card Schemes
  • Automated chargeback notification requesting specific documentation to be provided within 48 hours
  • Templates created per Chargeback Reason Code
  • Gather as much information as possible
  • Follow up the status of the dispute
The continuous implementation of all the above, allows us to be in a good position to fight back any kind of dispute initiated by the cardholder.

The Right Choice

GPN DATA is an ecommerce PSP, connected to multiple banks in multiple locations. We are able to provide international merchant accounts to variety of merchants. Thanks to our international structure and branches located on 4 continents, we offer easy boarding procedures for merchants located in US, Canada and other countries.