Shipping Carriers Capture funds based on the tracking number status

GPN DATA offers the availability of Capturing a Pre-Authorized transactions by verifying the status of delivery of the track ID via Direct API connection with the carriers supported: FEDEX, UPS, DHL, USPS.COM, CANADA POST, upon shipment of the goods, or after confirmation of the buyer.

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This capturing method follows the best industry practices and guarantees that a payment will be captured only after the goods are delivered, which successfully limits the risk of chargebacks with Visa Chargeback Reason Code 30: Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received.

There is an option of integrating more carries on your request.

Customers report higher ratio of trust and confidentiality while being charged after the goods delivery. As they might check if the merchandise is not damaged or broken. The average ticket size usually increases by a couple of percentage points. If the benefits from delayed payment method are straightforwardly presented to a client. Once the payment is authorized, it is guaranteed by card schemes. That the funds are held safely on cardholder’s account and reserved for your capture request.

Our system allows also different method of capturing, on merchant’s request, with GPN DATA staff approval, mixed, automatic or manual. Contact your account manager to choose the most appropriate service.

Different types of transaction capturing:

On Demand:

  • Manual Request for Capture or Void. With the option of adding extra GPN DATA Staff Approval KYC validation if the transaction is above an agreed ticket amount.
  • After Shipment with Carrier’s tracked validation
  • After Delivery confirmation with Carrier’s tracked validation

Any the above can be trigger via API command or from GPN DATA Merchant Back Office.

Automatic: Capture or Cancel transactions after an agreed time frame without intervention.
With the same option of adding extra GPN DATA Staff Approval KYC validation if the transaction is above an agreed ticket amount.

GPN DATA has developed multiple and unique risk mitigation programs, which are based on extensive knowledge of current regulations, recommendations for quality disputes per reason code and MCC and close cooperation of all involved parties: merchant, processor and acquirer. We guarantee proven, measurable safeguards.

Please note that the capture should be executed within 7 days from authorization (if your MID is not registered for long presentment with Visa and MasterCard), as some issuers will use the right to cancel the authorization after this time.

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