One-click Payment available for all merchants

Your client can now complete a transaction with One-Click Payment. Offer your customers a lot of convenience, when making subsequent orders. GPN DATA saves a token during the first transaction, which can be used to charge the card in the future. The new payment method has been enabled for all GPN DATA merchants.

One-Click Payment

One-Click Payment for your returnign customers.

We provide you a new payment method called One-click Payment, which allows to make online purchases with a single click after a successful transaction. This is a perfect solution if you have returning customers. Thank’s to One-click Payment buying process has never been easier. Due to One-click payment, the payment process is becoming much easier and faster for your returning customer.

After the first successful transaction every next one needs just one button click to let the client order your product. It’s a perfect payment way for Binary or Forex to allow fast deposit to trades. It’s also perfect for recurring billilng merchants to maka a follow-up sale or for normal shopping carts. Once your client has an account and a registered payment, he can make subsequent orders with one-click payments. The one-click button can be embed into your emails. 

You don’t need PCI certificate to use this payment solution. GPN DATA provides you with a platform to complete the payment process. The Card Holder is protected by CVV number, needed during one-click payment. This payment way is safe, fast and will make your customer life easier.

Speed and convenience:

– minimize the time spent on shopping
– the customer can hook up a few cards to his account in your system
– the interface of payment panel is configured by the seller
– easy and comfortable system to make payments regardless of the used device



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