Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen

We arrived at the venue on Monday, April 4th in the morning, soaked in the atmosphere. Than we started to work tirelessly to meet as many people as possible on Money 20/20 Europe.


About the event

From the very beginning the conference was electric thanks to the number of people in the same place.

We had a great opportunity to witness many riveting panel discussions involving  some of the most influential characters of the FinTech industry, like Nordea, Nets, Deutsche Bundesbank, Amazon and of course – Visa Europe.

It was quite impressive to meet hundreds of people, that represent companies, who lead the payments and FinTech market to the future. It made us proud to know that we not only follow, but are also setting these new standards. We were thrilled to see all of the new solutions being presented. We are happy to know that we are using similar solutions for some time now.

The Money 20/20 Europe conference confirmed something we already knew. Our Values are up to date and GPN DATA successfully follows its values


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