GPN DATA Web Shield Certification


Underwriting merchant accounts at GPN DATA and globally is a continuous learning process that occurs on a daily basis. In order to fully understand the risks and possible problems associated to merchant accounts GPN DATA has gone a step further and our Underwriting and Risk team has successfully completed the Web Shield Certification course.

A continuous learning process

Our team of Certified High-Risk Underwriters had an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the Credit Card Business. Also all of the schemes and regulations associated with it, during a 4 day training seminar conducted by Web Shield management and staff in Leipzig, Germany. Additionally the team has also acquired new sets of skills in calculating financial. Also reputational risks together with an array of online investigation techniques.

Combining their new skills with the research power of the Web Shield program and their hitherto experience they are able to recognize fraudulent online businesses and mitigate the possible risks in regard to merchant accounts. At GPN DATA we always try to stay ahead by continuously learning and adapting to new circumstances to the best of our abilities.
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About the author: John Rothermel

John Rothermel

Senior copywriter for GPN DATA

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