One-click Payment available for all merchants

Your client can now complete a transaction with One-Click Payment. Offer your customers a lot of convenience, when making subsequent orders. GPN DATA saves a token during the first transaction, which can be used to charge the card in the future. The new payment method has been enabled for all GPN DATA merchants.

How Strong Should Customer Authentication Be?

Offering payment solutions is high risk. Moving money always was and always will be. The development of card payments 55 years ago started with an embossed card and paper slips. It didn’t have great security, but it was fit-for-purpose. Over time, the card payment system has developed to allow consumers to make spontaneous payments for almost any value. Anywhere in the world. The simple proposition was updated with new technology and better controls (for example Chip and PIN), remaining fit-for-purpose to meet changing consumer and to combat criminal behaviour.