Accept SEPAexpress – New Payment Method for EU

GPN DATA introduces SEPAexpress – a direct bank account debit service available for GPN DATA merchants. SEPAexpress allows direct bank transfers and bank account debits within Eurozone & European Union.

SEPAexpress utilizes SEPA scheme, a payment-integration initiative for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.

Enable SEPAexpress

What does it offer?

From the wide range of SEPAexpress services GPN DATA carefully selects the key solutions – easy ways to accept and send payments to your clients, making payments in EU natural and simple:

  • SEPA DirectDebit (SDD) – to debit client’s account and retrieve payment (recurring friendly)
  • SEPA CreditTransfer (SCT) – to credit client’s account

Why SEPAexpress

Each merchant offering his services in EURO should carefully consider the advantages of SEPAexpress, which becomes a native and important solution for Eurozone. 45% of European customers prefer to pay by SEPA DirectDebit rather than by credit card.

500,000,000 SEPA compliant accounts translates into 500,000,000 potential customers in 34 European countries.

Accept SEPAexpress


With an attractive savings potential of more than 50 percent in fees, SEPA DirectDebit is one of the most cost-effective payment methods throughout Europe.

Conversion rate

Offering SEPA DirectDebit gives online merchants an up to 80% higher conversion rate depending on the country and vertical – that means more revenue for everyone.

How to integrate

To enable SEPAexpress a new agreement between you and GPN DATA is required (additionally to GPN DATA Merchant Account Agreement). Please contact your sales representatives to arrange the formalities.

SEPAexpress uses the same API as a straight credit card charge or a rebill (API 700).

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About the author: John Rothermel

John Rothermel

Senior copywriter for GPN DATA

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