GPN DATA Payment Gateway Automatic CRM Integration

We provide you with plugins to help connect the most popular CRM solutions, currently on the market, with our Gateway in a few quick and easy steps. Spend more time growing your business and less time thinking about how to finish integration.

5 min Integration

Whichever popular eCommerce platform you are using, you can integrate it with GPN DATA Payment Gateway automatically.

Easy 5 minutes DIY integration, requiring no professional knowledge or programming skills

Immediate Benefits

  • Immediate processing of credit cards transactions once configuration has been completed
  • Both 3DS and non 3DS transactions supported
  • Recurring Payments available with just a few clicks
  • Plugins available for download 24/7 on GPN DATA MBO or already incorporated into the systems
  • Understandable installation guides
  • Security guaranteed

Peace of Mind

GPN DATA will help you complete the process allowing you to spend more time processing and earning money. These solutions not only provide a great user experience, but also peace of mind allowing you to focus on what is most important for your business.

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Thanks to our fast approval process we can provide a financial quote to you in as little as 48 hours following the provision of initial information.

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For all additional information about the GPN DATA integration options please contact our sales representatives

The Right Choice

GPN Data is an ecommerce PSP, connected to multiple banks in locations throughout the world. Thanks to our international structure we offer easy onboarding procedures for merchants located in the US, Canada and other countries.

Payment Gateway Can Be Integrated in 5 Minutes with:


Lime Light CRM was originally designed out of pure necessity. Today, it is being used all around the globe by a variety of online marketers. It has one purpose: to deliver an excellent, intuitive, and high quality product that can make things simple and efficient for online marketers. Limelight CRM software combines all the tools and features necessary to operate a successful and well organized business.


Recognized as the leading eCommerce platform by the 2015 Internet Retailer Top 1000, B2B 300 and Hot 100 lists, Magento Commerce works hand in hand with retailers, brands and branded manufacturers across B2C and B2B industries to successfully integrate digital and physical shopping experiences.

The Magento GPN DATA API Payment Module was created in a close cooperation with ModulesGarden.


Konnektives Cloud-Based Order Entry and Customer Service interface, combines the best in call center Order Management Systems (OMS) with CRM technology, this gives you transactional and performance management power that has never been available before, with the simplest UI.


WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web (stats from Builtwith), so you can rest assured you're in good company. Sell anything, anywhere! From real products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even your time, you'll be able to set up a WooCommerce store to sell worldwide (or by country) as you wish.


PrestaShop provides more than 250,000 online store owners with the most powerful, dynamic and international ecommerce software enriched with hundreds of innovative tools to build and manage a successful online store at no cost.

Upcoming integration options:

Drupal, Joomla and many more