Accepted Cards and Payment Systems

Being able to efficiently process credit cards is essential to any business. At GPN DATA, we have years of experience helping merchants process card payments quickly and securely.

Secure Environment

GPN DATA is committed to providing a secure environment for card processing, customers, merchants and acquiring banks. We are regularly implementing new procedures to ensure the most secure conditions possible.

Stable Growth

The ability to process credit cards securely is necessary to earn the trust of your customers. With GPN DATA, security is our primary concern. We provide an end-to-end service that ensures security for the card holder, your business and the Acquiring banks. Our Risk Management team is actively monitoring for post-transaction alerts.

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Thanks to our fast approval process we can provide a financial quote to you in as little as 48 hours following the provision of initial information.

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The Right Choice

GPN Data is an ecommerce PSP, connected to multiple banks in locations throughout the world. Thanks to our international structure we offer easy onboarding procedures for merchants located in the US, Canada and other countries.