GPN DATA delivers a PCI DSS Level 1 Version 3.2 compliant full service Online Payment Gateway serving eCommerce merchants worldwide with a vast array of innovative, highly developed risk counter-measures ensuring cross-border and domestic eCommerce transactions are processed fast and securely.

Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable cross-border CNP (card not present) payment processing while assuring security and the data integrity of the cardholder, merchant and acquiring banks. The GPN DATA Gateway is connected to a global acquiring network, with an external API option.

Online Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway was assembled by experienced, in-house professionals proficient in the credit card processing industry. Designed in a scalable environment, transactions are stable, encrypted, secure, and executed without delay. Our robust security measures are directly integrated into our application, guaranteeing the shortest possible transaction duration. read more

3D Secure ready

3D Secure is an efficient method for merchants to fight fraud and is even a required security measure set by some card schemes. It serves to protect merchants, as customers will not be able to claim fraudulent use of their cards. read more

PCI-DSS Compliant

GPN DATA is certified with the Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards and committed to maintaining regular audits designed to improve our methodology and data handling. The latest intrusion prevention tools are kept up to date, current encryption techniques are utilized and access to sensitive data within our own company is highly restricted. read more

Velocity Control

Velocity checks are a key activity to minimize fraud and protect merchants. Our Payment Gateway constantly analyzes results and dynamically sets transaction frequency and card usage during specified periods of time. read more


A unique, complex hash value will be sent with each transaction in order to authenticate that the communication between all the parties involved is genuine. read more

Fraud Screening

Transactions are carefully analysed using our software tools and our in-house team of KYC/AML specialists who closely monitor and flag potentially suspicious activity that could lead to fraud. read more