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3D Secure is the leading system in payments authentication and its mission is to improve online transactions security to protect both cardholder and the merchant. 3D Secure was developed independently by MasterCard and Visa in separate programs (MasterCard SecureCode and Verified-by-Visa) and is globally supported by issuing banks and other card schemes.

Thanks to 3DS, cardholders are protected from fraudulent use of their card, and merchants can expect lower chargeback numbers caused by fraudulent transactions and fraud risk reduced to a relative zero. While making a transaction customer is directed to his bank (or third party service provider) website to verify if he is indeed the legitimate cardholder.

GPN DATA fully supports 3DS authentication method and is actively popularizing it.

How 3DS Works

Every time, when a customer wants to make an online purchase he will be requested to enter his card details into the payment gateway.

The Gateway submits PAN to an authorized participant of the 3DS system which then checks to see if the Issuing Bank is a participant in 3DS program. If so, the ACS (Access Control Server) URL is obtained and customer is redirected to his bank. If the bank does not participate in the system, transaction is performed as non 3DS.

If the card is enrolled, the bank asks the customer to provide his security code i.e. password, PIN or code provided by email or SMS to prove that this is the cardholder making the transaction.

The issuing bank confirms that the customer is the genuine cardholder and authenticates the credit card usage.

3DS Benefits

Strengthened Security

3D Secure is an efficient method for merchants to fight fraud, as customers will not be able to claim fraudulent use of their cards, i.e. there is no possibility that the customer can claim the card was stolen or used without his permission because of the password provided through an independent channel.

Safe Cash Flow

3DS is a great solution for businesses that have an increased interest of first time customers or those that have higher than average value orders.

Taming the Chargebacks

The 3DSecure system decreases chargebacks by shifting the liability for a successfully verified transaction. 3DSecure is processing method recommended or even required by some of card schemes regional offices.

Guided Setup

GPN DATA offers merchants with the 3D Secure Root Certificate to begin processing 3D Secure transactions. GPN DATA will also ensure:
  • Support
  • Integration Testing
  • Automatic integration with well-known shopping carts

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